stroke rehabilitation


The SPIDER DEVICE allow to work with children from the second year of life. The best results are achieved in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

SPIDER can apply all known traditional rehabilitation methods. It can be successfully combined with most of rehabilitation and sport equipment. This unique device makes our treatment more effective specially in Cerebral Palsy since it does substitute the hands of two or three physical therapists. It allows to use the patient’s strength and abilities in best individual way. The SPIDER gains a lot of approval and acknowledgment from doctors, professional physiotherapists, parents, and most important, from patients involved in treatment. SPIDER DEVICE is found to be the most effective equipment in rehabilitation of neutralizing neuro-motor disorders, especially the Cerebral Palsy. SPIDER has been carefully tested for several years and now we have over 25 years of experience in Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation.


From 2 to 4 qualified therapists per patient.
The collaboration of an experienced team of specialists enables you to achieve better results in rehabilitation after stroke.

We work with the patient “one to one”.
In the rehabilitation room there is a therapist, a patient and a close person. We guarantee only individual activities.

We provide rehabilitation on SPIDER DEVICE.
The philosophy of “SPIDER THERAPY” allows patient to feel more confident and accelerate the treatment.

We prepare individual therapeutic plans.
Each patient has different needs, thats why we preparing the individual therapeutic program for each patient.

3-4 hours per day of individual activities up to possibilities of patient.
Kinesitherapy, SPIDER THERAPY, speech therapy, biofeedback, massages – this is the guarantee of intensive and professional rehabilitation activities.

Rehabilitation in a family atmosphere.
No hospital character in our center is appreciated by patients from all over the world, so they feel comfortable and rehabilitation is so much more efficient.


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