NORMAN Rehabilitation and Medical Center

The NORMAN Rehabilitation and Medical Center was established in 1993. The Rehabilitation Center created by Norman Lozinski uses the Spider Device, whose director Lozinski is a constructor.

Spider Device has been recognized around the world as a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and, in the longer term, in the neurological rehabilitation of various diseases (stroke).

We have more than 25 years of experience in developing customized therapies tailored to each patient.

Best therapy with loved ones

To our center patients come with their families and loved ones to go through a difficult period of recovery. We want patients to feel like in home, so we have created the maximum home atmosphere and environment. We providing rehabilitation with accommodation and full board.

Therapeutic methods supported by Spider Device

We providing rehabilitation therapy sessions based on individual program, among others supported by unique rehabilitation device – Spider. Therapy is based on many different methods of rehabilitation as:

  • NDT Bobath,
  • PNF,
  • McKenzie,
  • Cyriax,
  • manual therapy.

What do our therapists specialize in?

The therapists of Medical & Rehabilitation Center Norman are mostly dealing with the patients who has problems after accidents, contusions, with different disfunctions of movement, patients with joint pains, spinal pains, patients with neurological problems and with CP, SM, Spinabifida, strokes.

The therpists of Norman Center takes care about patients who needs movement therapy, treatment improvement and prevention of posture defects, scoliosis treatment and in flat feet problems.

Our facilities

Therapy Room Facilities with modern treatment equipment have also unique device for therapy called SPIDER which is  known all over the world. Our center is the exlusive owner of the patent for this device. Therapy treatment is provided by qualified and certified therapeuts. We have over eighteen years of experience in complex therapy with patients with movement disfunctions and thousands of hours of treatment behind with patients from Poland and countries all over the world.

Information about our Spider Therapy

Information about our Spider Therapy